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Oh sorry! The third linky doesn't work! My bad.



February 29 2004, 09:04:07 UTC 13 years ago

why are you talking to yourself?
why are you a loser?


February 29 2004, 09:46:49 UTC 13 years ago

why are you the only person in this community? and why did you say to try and make posts with pictures when you couldn't even manage that in another picture community? hypocritical idiot.
uh hello! started the group yesterday, you freak! why do you care so much, its a WEBSITE!! get the fuck over it you loser!

P.S. you may want to look up the term hypocrite in the dictionary because you most definetly have the definition wrong. freak


February 29 2004, 14:28:09 UTC 13 years ago

The word is "definitely. And you are a hypocrite. You say one thing and do another. And what's with the ignorant language?


13 years ago


March 1 2004, 12:35:12 UTC 13 years ago

I definitley do not have the wrong definition, "freak"...If a person is hypocritical they say one thing and do another...you were angry that people got mad at you in depp daily for not posting pictures, but then in your new community you asked that posts have pictures...same thing! that means YOU are in fact a hypocrite...get it? if not the dictionary should be a help to you...and yes, the community was only a day old, but then why did you take it off your friends list for a while? that makes no sense...and I care so much because you are hypocritical and ignorant and its fun to point that out...


13 years ago

Would you just lay off of her already? You are the one coming into this community anonymously trying to cause drama. No one needs it. So do yourself and everyone else a favor and just leave. Don't get bent all out of shape for nothing! It's only the internet for god sakes! Geez... Find something else better to do.
You are VERY welcome, hun!!

Re: ok....


March 1 2004, 12:41:21 UTC 13 years ago

First off, there is no one. Just because its anonymous doesn't mean its one person...I assure you, more than one person is annoyed with little miss supergirl...Secondly, its not god sakes...its God's sake...do everyone a favor and learn the english language..."bent all out of shape"...?... tray all bent out of shape...oh, and its not "it's" that "it" is in possession of "only"...
why are you stalking me and correcting my language? im just a fourteen year old girl. what is wrong with you, creep? get over it!! it's the INTERNET!! None of this is real! Do you have a real life? do you go to school? do you have a job? or do you just sit around on your computer all day getting pissed of at children for not posting pictures on a website? What is wrong with you?


March 3 2004, 18:08:57 UTC 13 years ago

little 14 year old girls aren't old enough to like older men. buttcheek.
I can like whoever I want. Maybe you should concider the fact that you are some old hag who acts like she is a child and who spends her life whining at kids because they don't post pictures. Uh hello! you are old and have a real life, so why are you so obsessed with some boy that you don't even know spending your life on the internet?! I'm ALLOWED to be obsessed with some boy and spend my life on the internet because I AM A KID! I defintetly won't be doing this when I am your age. Sorry I'm not a loser like you are, harrassing children. I could sue you for that. Internet harrassment. It's real you know. You may want to concider all of these things... Silly old lady


March 6 2004, 10:40:19 UTC 13 years ago

let me say this again, because you obviously don't comprehend things...it is not just one person! I know that I did not post all of the anonymous comments...also, who said we were old? and who said we were ladies? that would be you...
Well I would know if you weren't being such a fucking coward and posting anonymously, wouldn't I. And even if I did know who you were I wouldn't be immature and stalk you, like you're doing to me.
tray all bent out of shape

It's 'try' not 'tray'!

Hmmm. It looks as if you need a lesson also!!!
'bent all out of shape' and 'all bent out of shape'.....

tray? dont u mean try?
One of the depp_daily members said:

I apologize for not having a picture... :( But I have some good news for many, there may very well be a Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. Apparently he misses playing Captain Jack Sparrow, and is looking forward to playing him again. I would be very pleased with a sequel, how about you all?

Uh hello! didn't everyone flip out at me for not having a picture. So get over it im not the only one

Hey! That was my post. I really am sorry though, I didn't have enough time to attach a picture. But I was thrilled at the thought of a sequel and needed to share it. :( And cute pictures. And sorry for not posting a picture. Isn't that kind of ridiculous though? What if someone has really great news about Johnny but no picture? *sigh* Why must there be so much drama on the internet? I'm sorry people keep bugging you, people can be really immature.


March 3 2004, 18:12:25 UTC 13 years ago

That should be sorry people keep bugging you they can be really immature. And fuck you for not posting a picture, you jackass.
oh, i really don't care if you posted a picture or not. but this old lady keeps bugging me and yelling at me because i didnt post a picture on some webbie. when I get older, I will definetly not be a sorry loser like her...
Ummm, Professor, take the English lesson somewhere else!!

Geez, get a life!